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    Naranja X
    Naranja X PET, a new credit card for pets

    In a year where the bad news were more than the good, we joined Naranja X, to celebrate with the most innocent: pets.

    For Naranja X, financial inclusion is a priority, an option "for everyone", even for pets who are part of the families of Argentina.

    And since 2020 was a year with plenty of bad news, the brand focused on communicating their vision but with a touch of humor and a lot of feeling, to set the foundations for a hopeful 2021.

    On the local equivalent of April Fool's day, we shared the "news" that a new card especially designed for pets was being launched.

    But when users entered the website, they found that Naranja X PET was just a joke. However, what wasn't a joke was that every time the video was shared, a contribution was sent to the San Francisco de Asis shelter for pets.
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